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H. 'All That Jazz'

(O. Petryszyn 2006)

30” tall, 42" wide
One of Olga's great releases. 'All That Jazz' displays large heart-shaped leaves with a clean, creamy-yellow margin. Standing tall, it forms a majestic clump with a stately, spreading form, suitable for under planting with ground covers. White flowers top the clump in midsummer. A sister seeding of 'Mardi Gras' ('Christmas Tree Gala' and H. 'Elatior')


H. 'Blue Hawaii'

(O. Petryszyn 1999)

30” tall, 42" wide
Like it’s tropical waters, Blue Hawaii boasts a rich and powdery sky blue color. It’s leaves have thick substance and are intensely glaucous on top and bottom. This tall Hosta reaches up, bringing the sky to the earth. Blue Hawaii is the result of one of Olga’s goals, to create a blue hosta that stays blue from early spring until mid August. Blooms heavily in July with mounds of white flowers. This is a very stately cultivar. Give her a special spot, away from overhead sun.


H. 'Brother Stefan'

(O. Petryszyn 1999)

25” tall, 30” wide
This time the hybridizer stepped away from her Americana series for this masterpiece, to be created as a gift for her brother’s birthday. Working with 'H. King Tut’ for the puckering and texture, the result is truly amazing. Brother Stefan has three luscious colors. The center of the leaves have a maple leaf pattern which turns gold in the center, bleeding out to a chartreuse and then edging in deep green. Pure white, tightly packed flowers sit on the top of the plant. H. ‘Brother Stefan is always the first to catch the visitors eyes.

In 2013 Olga received the coveted Eunice Fisher Outstanding Hybridizer award by the American Hosta Society for the best in the U.S. She was asked to name her favorite hosta. That honor went to H. ‘Brother Stefan’

Photo by Mike Groothuis

H. ‘Champaign Taste”

(O. Petryszyn and R & B Schroeder 2013))

17” tall, 32” wide Champaign Taste was named for the town Champaign, Ill. Where the Schroeders are growing it and identified it to be a winner. Not a giant but a medium hosta that has a Distinctive lime green color and flaming white tips. The leaves tend to cup up and are beautifully Corrugated. The seer-suckering give it that bubbly feeling. The white flowers add to the sparkle. Slower growing than most but worth the wait.

H. 'Chesapeake Bay'

(O. Petryszyn 2006)

20” tall, 36" wide
Chesapeake Bay is the latest blue hosta in the "American Series" from Master Hybridizer Olga Petryszyn of Indiana. Large "oyster-shaped" leaves comprise a large mound of foliage, reminding the breeder of underwater plants in a current when the leaves are moved by the wind. Unusual blue grey like the great bay itself. Near white flowers top the clump in midsummer.

H. 'Coal Miner'

(O. Petryszyn 2010)

31" high, 46" wide
In the breeders quest to cover the U.S., H. 'Coal Miner' easily fit the bill for West Virginia. Bred from a lineage of 8 hostas, Coal Miner stands out with it's unique dark color and stature, quickly growing to nearly 3 feet high in an upright fashion.  The long leaves shoot up and gracefully bow slightly, starting with a dark blue glaucous surface and a very powder blue back. The throat is deep and so is the veining. In mid season the leaves turn a blackish blue looking like they are covered in coal dust of ancient times about to turn to diamond dust. The nearly white fertile blossoms are the perfect proportion to plant. Great looking long into the fall season.  Slug resistant. Eye popping when planted next to a gold hosta.

H. 'Continental Divide'

(O. Petryszyn and M. Groothuis 2008)

28” to 30” tall, 38” wide
Tall vase shaped with unusual coloring. The chartreuse center turns quite gold later in the summer. Very deep ribbing and a ruffled edge make this very large hosta show off. Beautiful shine. Named for the state of Colorado and the beautiful green colors of the lichens you see up high at the divide. Fertile blossoms. A stand out in your garden.



H. 'Dawns Early Light'

(O. Petryszyn/B. Brincka 1998)

20” tall, 36" wide
By far the most feminine hosta you’ve ever seen. Loaded with ripples, undulations and puckering. In the spring it shines in the garden like a lemon-yellow beacon of light. Unmistakable in the landscape. Mounds of light lavender flowers in Summer. Later the plant turns a darker chartreuse-green. Fast growing. This darling is intense.

H. 'Dune Boy'

(O. Petryszyn 2010)

28” tall, 50” wide
After living on Teale Rd. in the Indiana Dunes for 20 years, and having to move, Olga knew it was time to dedicate a hosta to this sanctuary. This hosta is named after the book ‘Dune Boy’, written by naturalist Edwin Way Teale who lived in the Dunes area and whom the road Olga lived on was named for. The National Park has raised the home and land and closed the road permanently in order to expand the space for wildlife. The choice is appropriate with the gold waves like the sunny dunes and the rippled margins like waves in Lake Michigan. This hosta will come up chartreuse and turn blond later in the season.

In the Fall Heavy with Seeds

H. 'Gitchigumi'

(O. Petryszyn 2010)

28” high, 48” wide
Adding to the Americana series, this time the hybridizer honors Minnesota. Matching the cool fluid surface of this leaf brings a large blue lake to mind. The native Ojibwe language refers to Lake Superior as Gitchigumi, meaning big water. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote about the lake in The Song of Hiawatha. The large shiny round blue leaves hold quite horizontally and are slightly seer suckered. The blue value seems unique. If you imagine white caps in the wind, you can see the white glaucous underside. The white bell shaped flowers are huge and heavily budded. Gloriously peaceful and soft on the eyes.

H. 'Golden Gate'

(O. Petryszyn/B. Brincka 1994)

26” tall, 48" wide
For a fast growing goldish clump, Golden Gate cannot be beat. Starting out chartreuse in the spring and turning more gold each week. Plant Golden Gate in more sun than others to intensify the gold. Large shinny leaves have some waving and corrugation. Medium lavender flowers bloom on 3' scapes mid to late summer. Fertile flowers are great to use in creating blues. A great hosta to bridge your garden’s design.

H. 'Gone with the Wind'

(O. Petryszyn 2010)

25” high, 48” wide
Almost languid in form. Waving emerald green undulating leaves bordered in white rippling. Strong substance yet the leaves catch the breezes and float about. Thinking about a romantic hillside in Atlanta, the name Gone WithThe Wind captured this fluid hosta. Long pointed tips add to the elegance.

H. 'Gotham'

(O. Petryszyn 2010)

32” tall, 56” wide
The hybridizer was taken by the ominous feel of this giant hosta. Its presence is well noted when you walk by. Extremely strong stature. I think you could hit it with a baseball bat and it would not budge. The leaves point up as it emerges. The color is a very dark blue turning almost black and shiny later in the summer. Gotham City and Batman came to mind with this masculine hosta. The under side of the leaf is very glaucous and powdery. This muscle bound hosta is slow growing and it may be a couple of years before you will find it on the market. Well worth waiting for. Once you plant it, it’s there like a guard for life.

H. 'Grand Canyon'

(O. Petryszyn/B. Brincka 1995)

30” tall, 36" wide
A child of Sum and Substance. The heavy texture is striking with the vase shape of the plant. Chartreuse to golden, the leaves are shiny, deeply ribbed, ruffled at the margins and have white backs. Looking into the deep throats reminds one of a canyon. With age the 3’ tall flower scapes will branch. Pure white flowers. Can take more sun than most hosta. Olga’s Grand Canyon is just the hosta for the ‘Americana Series’.

H. 'Great Plains'

(O. Petryszyn/B. Brincka 1994)

28” tall, 48" wide
Indiana’s breeding sensations brings us another giant masterpiece. Upright vase shaped clump with horizontally held blue-gray, heavy substance leaves ...ultimately looking like a table or great plain. Beautiful powder blue under the flat leaves. A nice switch from all the ruffles and dimples when you need it. 3' to 4’ flower scapes hold masses of light lavender to white flowers. Fertile both ways. Hard to find and rarely seen.

H. 'Hoosier Dome'

(O. Petryszyn 1998)

28” tall, 48" wide
The artists love for sculpture is amplified with this masterpiece. The giant dark green leaves hover over like a dome. Each leaf has heavily impressed veins and ruffled margins, a trademark of Olga’s breeding program. Large light lavender to white fertile flowers stand on top of 3’ scapes. With time, the entire plant sculpts itself into a perfect giant dome. An impressive feature for your garden.

H. 'Key West'

(O. petryszyn 1999)

32”tall, 48" wide
The hybridizer loves her bold colors and form. Key West has a calming but impressive shape and vivid color throughout. Each leaf is huge, averaging 11” wide and 15” long, held upright with sturdy stems. Tall scapes have pale lilac flowers. Fertile both ways. Mid-season she turns quite gold, given more sun. The waving form and color reminded the breeder of the famous Key West sunsets. Make room!

H. 'Manhattan'

(O. petryszyn/B. Brincka 1994)

28” tall, 36" wide
Often heard ‘what is that?’ Manhattan has to be one your plants with the most character. From one of America’s top breeders comes this new twist. Heavily corrugated and puckered leaves. Dramatic raspberry purple flowers and buds atop 3’ scapes. Very busy looking like the city. A collectors choice.

H. 'Mardi Gras'

(O. Petryszyn 2001)

28’ tall, 48" wide
Olga’s fine work is seen again with the impressive, large heart-shaped leaves. The size comes from H. nigrescens ‘Elatior’, the variegation pattern from H. ‘Christmas Tree’. Very shinny with wide bands of creamy white and blue-green centers. The 3’ tall scapes boasts fertile pale lavender to white flowers. One of the ‘Three Party Sisters”

H. 'Mississippi Delta'

(O. Petryszyn 1998)

32’ tall, 48" wide
A break through in the Petryszyn breeding program. Large blue-gray leaves are held out horizontally, resembling lily pads. Round to oval leaves have deeply impressed veins that terminate at the leaf base, like the delta of a river. Olga’s prize here is the thick 40” scapes that are “branched” and topped with white flowers brushed with a hint of violet. Very impressive.

H. 'Niagara Falls'

(O. Petryszyn/B. Brincka 1991)

24” tall, 48" wide
A stunning creation of emerald green leaves making a 4’ wide clump. Heavily veined leaves with deep pie crusted, rippled edges. This hybrid reminds you of a waterfall with each graceful arching leaf. The 4’ flower scapes have fertile violet flowers. Use the pollen for great ruffled edges.
The older your plant, the more prominent the veining and rippling. Highly sought after.

In 2012 Olga’s H. ‘Niagara Falls’ won the national
 Benedict Medal for outstanding Garden Worthiness, voted by the American Hosta Society.

H. 'Old Faithful'

(O. Petryszyn/B. Brincka 1991)

22” tall, 36" wide
Bred from the difficult H. plantaginea. After hundreds of tries, Indiana’s master hybridizer Olga Petryszyn collected one…. the only seed. It grew to be a fast growing, glossy green hosta with reddish petioles. To Olga’s satisfaction, the large white flowers are wonderfully fragrant and the form beautiful to look at. Give Old Faithful a good amount of light for maximum flowering. A keeper!

H. 'Tobacco Road'

(O. Petryszyn 2010)

33” tall, 40" wide
A bright hosta with muted gold center, softly blending into lime green edges. The gold center intensifies in the summer.  The waxy surface is smooth to the look and touch.  The leaf shape is long yet wide, reminding the hybridizer of a Tobacco leaf.  Plantsman Bob Solberg of North Carolina suggested the name Tobacco Road.  The breeder said 'perfect'.  Sturdy fast grower.  This hosta can handle more sun than most.

H. 'Yosemite Valley'

(O. Petryszyn, Chris & Cynthia Wilhoite 2010)

33” tall, 50" wide
Crossed from giants H. 'Elatior and H. 'High Noon' with a H. 'Niagara Falls fluted edge.  Huge mounding gold growth with long cascading leaves.  The more sun, the more gold the leaf and apparent deep green veining.  This stunner was grown in collaboration with friends the Wilhoites of Soules Garden in Indianapolis.  Named for their favorite place in America. Give it space!

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